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We are creating functional materials that are synthesized via precise polymerization techniques

In our laboratory, Synthesis of various specially-structured polymers; molecular design of functional polymers such as stimuli-responsive polymers and conductive polymers; the study of micro-phase separation using block copolymers; creation and application of environmental zero-waste macromolecular materials with multi-functions.


Article publishedaward

Prof. Isono has published an article on Macromolecules (ACS). We successfully synthesized a series of novel bio-based block copolymers consisting of maltooligosaccharides and poly(δ-decanolactone). These block copolymers are sustainable alternatives to a thermoplastic elastomer.
"Carbohydrates as Hard Segments for Sustainable Elastomers: Carbohydrates Direct the Self-Assembly and Mechanical Properties of Fully Bio-Based Block Copolymers"

Article publishedaward

Prof. Brian has published an article on ACS applied materials & interfaces (ACS). We have synthesized a series of novel oxygen-based polymers, which are useful for high performance resistive memory materials.
"Chemically Controlled Volatile and Nonvolatile Resistive Memory Characteristics of Novel Oxygen-Based Polymers"

Article publishedaward

Katsuhara (D1) has published an article on Polymer Chemistry (RSC). We successfully synthesized novel oligosaccharide-based block copolymer , which showed the smallest microphase-separated structures in block copolymer containing metallopolymer.
"Metallopolymer-block-oligosaccharide for sub10 nm microphase separation"

Face masks

Our alumna Ms. Yao Zhang has sent us face masks from China. Thank you so much!

New members joined

4 bachelor students and 2 master students joined to our laboratory.
Dr. Brian Ree that graduated last March became a specially appointed assitant professor of our group!

Pictures here!

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